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Embark with Laetitia on this winter Mini série, Blanc comme neige.

Four episodes of One Thing In A French Day that all have in common the word « neige » (snow, in French).

— Blanc comme neige 1/4 : En route pour Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise (a nice promenade in Les Monts du Lyonnais region)

— Blanc comme neige 2/4 : Entre la France et Sakhaline (A travel between 19e century France and Siberia through reading)

— Blanc comme neige 3/4 : Chenonceau (Besides the famous Chenonceau castle, this episode shows the use of imparfait)

— Blanc comme neige 4/4 : La neige (at last, snow in Paris!)

The four episodes come with the full transcripts, notes and a selection of useful expressions examples.

The mini series also includes a Neige Vocabulary List and 2 dictées (85 words and 150 words)

How should you work with the audio and the transcript… and how to improve your comprehension?

Use your ear!

Here are some possibilities suggested by the listeners of One Thing In A French Day themselves :

— If you are not confident enough… read the text and listen to the audio at the same time. Look up for the words you don’t understand. Then, let your brain work for a few hours or days and listen again to the audio without the text. This will improve your comprehension.

— If you want to improve your comprehension smoothly, then it might be a good idea to read the text first, then listen to the audio without the text.

— If you want to see how much of the episode you understand or if your comprehension is good, then enjoy the text directly. Read the text just to check a few points.

And after?

After, you could read the text loud. And why not read it loud several times? This way your brain hears you speak French! You improve your pronounciation and you also get how sentences are built.

Write down the vocabulary or some sentences on a special notebook. The fact to write some sentences in French is also a good way to memorise the vocabulary and the sentences’ structures.

A few days later, why not listen again?

Are you ready for the wild weather?

Bonne écoute! Bonne lecture.

A bientôt,


MINI SERIE Blanc comme neige

6,00 €Prix
  • This ebook contains PDF file + Audio mp3 files

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