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Welcome to Paris.


During this afternoon in Paris, Adeline and I take you to South Pigalle.

If you have a look at a Paris map, you will easily find where the Eglise Notre-Dame-de-Lorette is, in the north part of Paris.This is where our walk starts. It’s a lovely day, the sky is blue, it’s warm and Adeline and I are very happy to spend this afternoon with you.


First, we will go to Sucré Cœur pâtisserie where you will meet the owner, Marie Dieudonné. She will tell us about her cakes and how she explores her work.


Then, you will discover Mamiche bakery, very famous in Paris for its choux à la vanille.


On Rue Rochechouart, Adeline will buy some cheese at the Ferme Saint-Hubert.


Finally, we will examine in detail the shop window of Coffélia, brûlerie de café.

You are going to hear different French people speaking.


They are all speaking as they do in everyday life.

This is what gives you the feeling of being transported to France, but at the same time, it might be a little bit challenging to understand. So, you will find below some tips that I have gathered to help you improve your comprehension skills. I have also included some practical advice to learn new vocabulary and sentence structures, and some more tips to encourage you to talk in French.Yes, never forget to talk!

A bientôt,


This eBook contains a PDF file, an ePub file and audio files (mp3)

An afternoon in Paris - South Pigalle

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